EVC (Verpakking) BV expands partnership with Inther.

The Doculabel® from EVC is used on Inther’s Automated Document Applicator.

Inther Logistics Robotics cooperates with Doculabel specialist EVC (Verpakking) BV in the field of the sale of the Automated Document Applicator (ADA). This machine is used to save time and thus costs by means of the fully automatic attachment of Doculabels. The ADA prints, folds and confirms documents on the top or side of a box in a “Documents Enclosed” pouch. The partnership offers customers the possibility to choose, depending on their logistic operation characteristics, from either the manual time-saving Doculabel dispenser or the fully automatic ADA. The advantage of the latter is that the quality is guaranteed, so that human mistakes are excluded. This ensures that the correct documentation is always attached to the corresponding parcels.

Picture ADA

EVC is a growing and innovative organization that continues to develop and continues to help its customers with ergonomic and efficient work in distribution centers. Her experience with work tables and accompanying aspects such as self-adhesive document covers in collaboration with the automation power of Inther ensures that the ideal solution can be found for each customer.

There are various reasons for applying documentation on the outside. These vary by sector and logistics process. With its stand-alone design, the ADA can relatively easily automate this process and be implemented in existing operations.

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