Automated Document Applicator automates packaging line DC Alpha Tonträger Vertriebs GmbH

Alpha Tonträger - Automated Document Applicator

Inther Logistics Robotics (ILR) has implemented, together with reseller partner SRD – Maschinenbau GmbH, the Automated Document Applicator (ADA). The Erding DC of Alpha Tonträger Vertriebs GmbH deploys this machine. The ADA automates the complete process of printing documents, folding and application to parcels. Example of documents are Delivery notes, Customs- and Retour documents.

Alpha Tonträger is an innovative German distributor of music, movies, games and game consoles. To stay ahead of their competitors, they decided to improve their logistic processes. One of the cost saving possibilities was to automate the application of the pouches. Because of the increased productivity the ADA has an excellent payback possibility (<1 year). One of the reasons Alpha Tonträger decided to buy an ADA, was the reliability. Multiple scanners track both the carton as the respective document in the process. With these control systems, the ADA can guarantee that the right document is always applied on the right parcel. In the rare case that something goes wrong then the ADA automatically solves it.  The fact that the ADA is designed to be a “plug and play” machine minimizes the required time for installation. These reasons make that the ADA is considered as a Quick Win. For more information see other references.