Contract Logistics (3PL): now has the possibility to rent the Automated Document Applicator

ADA Rent

After several successful introductions of the ADA worldwide, Inther Logistics Robotics B.V. now introduces the ADA Rent Option. Herewith providing 3rd Party Logistics companies (3PL’s) the possibility to rent an Automated Document Applicator (ADA). The ADA automates the complete process of printing documents, folding and application to parcels. Examples of documents are Delivery notes, Customs- and Retour documents.

The Contract Logistics is specialized in logistics with short or medium term contracts. Therefore, they often innovate with solutions that can adapt to the flexible nature of their business. The ADA is such a flexible solution. It has an ROI of around one year, and for an even larger flexibility Inther now provides 3PL’s with the ADA Rent Option:

  • Pay per application
  • Saves processing costs compared with manual alternative;
  • OPEX costs are budgetable in tender phase;
  • No Capex requirements;
  • Short implementation time;
  • Suitable for short contract durations;
  • Re-implementable in other sites;

Paul Hermsen – Director Inther Group: “We have such a trust in the quality and the robustness of the Automated Document Applicator that we are willing to take back rented ADA’s. Even after a period of multiple years. The fact that the ADA is designed to be a “plug and play” machine minimizes the required time for installation. These reasons make that the ADA is considered as a Quick Win”.