The Automated Document Applicator partners up with DS 80 packaging materials

Automated Document Applicator - DS 80 packaging materials

DS 80 packaging materials and Inther Logistics Robotics have agreed a close cooperation regarding the Automated Document Applicator (ADA). This machine is deployed in packaging lines. The ADA prints, folds and applies documents to the exterior of parcels in a ‘documents enclosed’ docufoil. The goal of the partnership is to increase the coverage of the Dutch and Belgium market.

DS 80 packaging materials focuses on advising and selling packaging materials, recently they provide packaging concepts and packaging processes to their customers. Through the cooperation, DS 80 packaging materials offers its customers the ability to robotize one of the most time-consuming and error-sensitive activities in the packaging process. The ADA is the only machine worldwide which automates this process. This innovation was rewarded in 2015 with winning the Logistica Award public award.

Inther Logistics Robotics deliberately seeks cooperation with local organizations, ensuring an optimal approach of the European market. Partly through cooperation with partners, this innovation is already operational by some innovative organizations within Europe. The fact that it is 100% certain that the documentation is placed on the right parcel is valued as quality improvement. Prevention of human mistakes prevents many indirect costs.

There are several reasons to apply documentation on the outside. These vary by sector and logistic process. Because of its stand-alone design, the ADA can easily be implemented in existing operations. For more information, see: