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Automated Document Applicator

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Automated Document Applicator

The first machine on earth that fully automates the printing, buffering, folding and application of documents to cartons.


    no operators needed


    processing up to 450-500 cartons per hour


    payback time of one year


    no more human mistakes, always the right document on the right carton


    standard interfaces, easily integrated in existing system


Welcome the Automated Document Applicator to your logistic warehouse and reduce the costs of attaching documents. It will make the process faster, it is extremely reliable and a lot more efficient!

Automated Document Applicator

ADA: a machine, which fully automates the application of documents to the exterior of a carton.

The Automated Document Applicator prints, buffers, folds and applies documents (up to 4 pages) with a foil (docufoil, doculope) to cartons. The ADA automates these actions completely. Hereby the carton size can vary constantly. Based on this, the robot switches between top or side application. With the multiple check control system, the ADA always applies the right document to the right carton.


To make the implementation in (existing) installations as easy as possible Inther decided to design the ADA as a stand-alone machine. Herewith ensuring an easy functional process.

Therefore the process starts at the identification scanner, before the cartons arrives at the ADA. This scanner ensures that the ADA prints the correct documents. At the application position, a second scanner will verify whether it is the expected carton. Only when these checks are correct, then the robot applies the documents. If not, the document will be thrown away and the process automatically repeats itself until the correct document is attached. Herewith the ADA always attaches the correct document to the awaiting carton.


Efficiency and capacity were the keynotes in the development of this innovative product. The machine is capable of processing up to 450-500 cartons per hour.

In most warehouse today, operators attach by hand pack lists and invoices to a shipping carton. This typically takes 45 – 60 seconds per carton. The ADA machine takes ~8 seconds per carton, meaning an increase of efficiency of at least x 5. This would mean a Return on Investment (ROI) of around one year.

Together with the easy implementation, this results that customers consider the ADA as a Quick Win. See: ADA references for which customers already have improved their processes.

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Calculate ROI

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The time it takes to perform the following processes (total time):
- Put the carton in front of the operator;
- Print the required document(s);
- Pick up the document(s);
- Fold the document(s);
- Put the document in the pouch;
- Apply the pouch to the carton;
- Put away the carton

The time between printing and processing a document with one page or four pages differs, therefore the average number of pages per document is required.

The labor costs of the operator.

The daily amount of time that an operator is productive.

Determine the amount of years in which you want to depreciate the ADA. Normally we assume 10 years.

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The logistic packing innovation ADA is invented, designed and made by
Inther Logistics Robotics B.V.

ADA and Reseller Partners

To enhance the sales reach of the Automated Document Applicator Inther closely co-operate with multiple reseller partners. Besides of that, System Integrators, which are willing to provide a total solution to their customers, are implementing the ADA in their systems. Since the ADA is designed as a stand-alone machine, it is extremely suitable to be implemented in existing systems.

There are multiple situations where an ADA improves the process.

  • Return process E-commerce
  • OEM shipments E-commerce / retail
  • Export documents cross-border transport
  • B2B customers
  • Law and regulations
  • Pay-on-delivery

See: ADA references to see which partners already help their customers with ADA.


Inther is an international system integrator. The company automates internal logistic processes by providing mechanized systems, manual solutions, or a combination of both. Therefore, software that has been created by Inther itself, always plays a major part in controlling these processes. The next characteristics are typical for the solutions provided by Inther: a short implementation time, flexibility, reliability and a proven fast payback time.

Inther is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all logistic issues. As a result you have a single point of contact for all matters concerning the project. Consequently, Inther listens, designs, delivers, integrates and bears 100 percent final responsibility for its projects.


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Automated Document Inserter (ADI) H.Essers
Automated Document Applicator - DS 80 packaging materials
Assembling ADA's 1

Assembling ADA

Boston Scientific
Inther & SRD sell first Automated Document Applicator



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